Repairing Concrete Patios & Steps

If your concrete patio, pavers, or steps require a good cleansing, scrub them with a stiff push broom and soapy water. For a large location, you can ease the job by leasing a power washer. To secure the surface area, you can coat it with a translucent masonry sealant.

Repairing Concrete Cracks

For hairline cracks in the surface area of concrete, equip a caulking gun with a tube of concrete-patching compound. Before applying the substance, sweep the cracks without dust and particles.

if a fracture is wider than 1/4 inch, broaden it a bit more with a mason's hammer and cold chisel. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses. Again, sweep away debris and debris.

Concrete Spalling

In regions where freeze-thaw cycles are extreme, concrete surfaces might show damage of flaking and chipping, known as spalling. For all however the most skilled house improvers, the very best technique for fixing this is to employ a concrete professional or mason to break away and spot the damaged location.


Repair Broken Concrete Step Edges

To fix the damaged cutting edge of a concrete step, first brush away any loose concrete and dirt. Fasten a length of scrap lumber along the front, flush with the top of the steps. To connect the scrap, use a 1/4-inch masonry bit to drill a hole through each end and into the concrete riser. Drive two 16-d nails into each hole, forming a wedge, to hold the board. Fill the broken area with patching concrete, allow it to set up somewhat, and after that get rid of the board, fill the nail holes, and trowel smooth.

Utilize a trowel to load the fracture with concrete.
Then use a trowel to use concrete-patching substance.
When the patching substance begins to set, utilize a wet trowel to smooth over the spot so it is even with the surrounding concrete.

Enable the surface to dry, but moisten the patch throughout the week to make sure that the concrete treatments appropriately.


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