Build a 15 Ton Electric Hydraulic Press From Scratch With Plans – Fivod

Build a 15 Ton Electric Hydraulic Press From Scratch With Plans – Fivod



Hydraulic press, purpose and operating principle

Electric Hydraulic Press

The hydraulic press is equipment created for the treatment of materials, different products by pressure. The gadget is fed with a liquid under high pressure. The work of the press is based on Pascal's law.

The equipment consists of 2 rooms (cylinders). In the former, less liquid is brought into a high-pressure state and is passed through a pipe or special channel into the bigger working cylinder, where the fluid going into the piston develops a force transmitted to the present material — treatment through the steering tool. An essential condition for the work of press is the presence of a stop that does not permit the movement of a space or a room under the impact of a working piston. As a liquid, unique oils are utilized.

In modern industrial hydraulic presses, the position of the work roll is frequently vertical and often horizontal. Depending on its purpose and the type of materials treated, this equipment establishes efforts from 100 tons to thousands of heaps. The press is widely utilized in marking, creating, flexing and straightening, extrusion profiles and pipes, in addition to throughout briquetting, product packaging, extrusion of various materials, rubber production, plastics, wood items and in many other fields.

Why we need a press at home ?

In the home workshop, a small-capacity press can become a valuable assistant when fixing an automobile and other work.To push back the bearing or rubber block and put a new one in its location, you do not need to contact the after-sales service center and pay a lot of cash. Using press, you can flex the metal part, smooth, press, securely glue two pieces, compress plastic bottles, cans, paper or cardboard, and extract oil or moisture.

The purchase of a factory production press will be extremely costly. But this equipment can be made individually, after investing just on the essential

materials. In this case, it will be possible to develop a device adjusted and adapted to specific requirements, taking into consideration the jobs to be resolved. Since the self-made hydraulic press in all cases will need some space, then in the lack of an area under the workshop, it can be placed in the garage.

Prior to beginning to make the press, it is needed to select the type of work for which it will be intended and, as a result, on the effort to be developed. After that, it is necessary to pick and purchase an appropriate plug (if it will be used when assembling press).


The next and most crucial step is the production of an illustration of the future press. All offered on the Web for self-assembly, drawings to which are connected, developed, and produced based on readily available metal materials and hydraulic equipment. Therefore, if strictly follow the advancement of others, then the assembly of the press can reach infinity and will include the change and adjustment of the basic design for the hydraulic cylinder acquired.

what is the principle of hydraulic press ?

A hydraulic press works with the concept of Pascal's legislation, which mentions that when pressure is related to a restricted fluid, the pressure modification occurs throughout the entire liquid. Within the hydraulic press, there is a piston that functions as a pump, that offers a small mechanical pressure to a little area of the sample.

what is a hydraulic press used for ?

A hydraulic press is used for mostly all industrial functions. But basically it is made use of for transforming metal things right into sheets of steel. In various other markets, it is utilized for the thinning of glass, making powders in case of the cosmetic market as well as for forming the tablets for clinical usage.

What materials and tools are needed to make a hydraulic press ?

The following tools will be needed:

welding machine;


a hacksaw or angle grinder with a cutting disc for the metal.

Making a hydraulic press machine by Make it extreme ( video)

The procedure of making our structure started given that we had actually cut the pieces of our metallic press utilizing a bar of 7 metres long, 16 cm width and 11mmthick and also a metal beam UPN 6 metres long, 17cm size and 7cm high. The elevation we specified for our press is 180 cm as well as

83 width with internet functioning width in 70 cm. Each piece which is 180cm high was pierced 7,5 cm making holes of 35mm to have numerous gradations at the level of the task.


we positioned a hydraulic plunger of 90 mm width that provides us with power of about 15 tonnes. This plunger goes up and down having a range of 40 cm taking hydraulic pressure by a power pack that we made in among our previous videos. The power pack with the video clip no. 0068 can reach the 300 bars pressure and it can get in touch with other makers which make use of hydraulic plungers.


At the end of the bettor, we made a string to be able to alter the" heads" that put in pressure so that we can choose the proper one for each task. Another element that we used and it makes our press more ergonomic is a metal ring which is put at the end of the plunger. 2 chains are also put on it to link the working table of press with the plunger so that the table can be gone up and down with equivalent power with the plunger. This has been done to prevent doing the entire treatment by hand straining the user's body.


Lastly, we completed our machine by painting press  in the green and black colour and we are really pleased for our production.

How To Make ?

Step 1:- Cutting of parts.

The primary step to make a hydraulic press is cutting of needed steel parts. So, I cut everything to its proper size and dimension such as L-section angle, square pipe, and so on. The following step has pierced a-holes for correct setting up of all cutting steel components to make a structure of hydraulic press.


For cutting and drilling of components, you have to make assured the safety protection. A pair of work handwear covers is an excellent insurance coverage versus a cord brush if it ought to slide, along with reducing the resonance being transmitted to your hands.

With that said in mind, eye and also hearing defense is a must. An angle mill with a cut off blade makes a noise which quickly causes a buzzing in the ear without appropriate security, it additionally sprays a shower of triggers which can get better off nearby items, beware the hot stimulate getting better off a wall over the top of your safety goggles, it's not a fun experience.

Step 2:- Setting up of all steel components.

The second action is setting up of all reducing steel components. I set up all the metal parts with no kind of welding. I only used screws as well as nuts for correct assembly of metal parts to make a structure of the hydraulic press.


Step 3:- A 15 tonnes bottle jack and springs

I made use of 15 tonnes bottle jack to make this hydraulic press. Additionally, I utilized two mechanical springs to permit the hydraulic jack in its first setting. Both the hydraulic jack and springs are attached with the framework by utilizing of bolts. Springs are connected by utilizing of J bolts.

Step 4:- Testing

Now, this maker prepares to utilize. A hydraulic press is a maker that has a plate in which the metal material is put to make sure that it can be squashed, corrected the alignment of or molded. In this machine, you can quickly fix and squashed steel parts.



Question N 1

I wish to construct a 90-100 heap ability hydraulic press and I need to assist with the structure. I intend to build the structure with the exact same architectural materials for the sides, bed, and so on from the scrap lawn, so possibly channel iron construction if I can locate something heavy sufficient. I know that network iron becomes less and much less desirable as the tonnage rises, however that is what I'm most likely to locate. The structure would certainly be 7 ft. High, 4 ft. Wide as well as all bolted construction (I don't trust my life to my welding). I have been searching for a good press around right here for a long time currently and also can not discover anything; however the container jack imports. I can not also find one to measure up and also duplicate!

Currently, the questions.

  1. What size of channel iron would this need? Flange size? Thickness?
  2. Is there an excellent square tubing alternative to the sides?
  3. If I can not get the capability, I desire with channel iron and square tubing, what size as well as the quality of flat bar should I be trying to find to make a structure similar to a K. R. Wilson press?

Answer N 1

I have actually constructed a 100-ton press I utilized 10 x10 square tube that is 1/2 inch thick after that I utilized 15 by 1/2 inch network and enhanced it at the point with a 1-inch plate as well as used 2.5 inch 4130

pins to sustain it. I found a really large cylinder as well as shortened it to have a 13-inch stroke. I bolted my own along with 8 one inch quality 8 screws per side for a total of 32 screws connecting it together. I have taken it to 90 heaps with my Enerpac 10,000 psi pump; however I run it with a 6 hp Vickers 6000psi piston pump for day-to-day use. I create with it, so I like it to move quickly.

Answer N 2

there were these large shock absorbers that appeared like a significant

piston from a brake caliper, just regarding 10 or 12" in diameter


it suited a steel chamber that had a bolt flange, the whole assy fit up right into a large heavy area C network and also bolted right into location, the C network was about 14" wide and regarding the exact same deep, and there were a number of sections 6ft long or much longer.

the piston had an opening bored thru it where a tapered pin would certainly limit the flow of oil as the lots came down on it.

at the time we significant considered building a 100 bunch press utilizing these elements, as well as getting rid of the taper pin, and also threading/plugging the hole in the piston.

from memory we figured regarding 3kpsi would certainly provide more than 100 bunches of force.

iirc the travel limit would certainly have to do with 4 inches which left adequate piston still in the bore.

they were extremely well machined, birthed and piston had a great finish and also made use of a solitary chevron seal iirc.

4" is not a great deal of traveling, but for the price of scrap iron at the time

we could have constructed a 100plus ton press fairly cheaply.

Answer N 3

something to bear in mind is to develop in enough safety and security aspect: your 100 ton capability, making use of fatigue limit anxiety levels for member sizing, plus a percent for mistakes in design, building and construction, materials, plus a suitable security aspect. Your outcome will probably look especially massive contrasted to brand-new manufacture, but relatively similar to old layouts.

Think about a 4 poster style, messages threaded at both ends. and also hefty plate top as well as base to connect points together.


Do not fail to remember a considerable cage around press. Extremely early in my machinist occupation, I did header die assembly on a 200 heap hydraulic press. When things blew up, it was noisy and also spectacular. The cage saved my bacon on greater than one celebration.


Here is the link for the plans:

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This H-frame work store press can be utilized for electrical motor and also armature repair service, installment and removal of pressure-fitted components and also flexing or straightening out steel. For automobile restoration experts or vehicle fanatics, this shop press helps eliminate and mount bearings, equipments, U-joints, bushings, sphere joints and also pulley-blocks! An open side hefty responsibility building permits for service long pieces and a spring return ram feature makes job go even faster on this powerful H-frame shop press.


Open side strong building enables service the lengthiest work items

Raise as well as lower table for the very best working range feasible

Spring return ram rates up your job


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