How to Make a Homemade Roller Bender ?

The primary issue that people, who are inhabited with doing various metallic projects and usually buildings, face is the bending of metal pieces. The reason that this issue is emerged during these projects is since the metal pieces need a great deal of pressure, strength along with accuracy to be bent. There are lots of devices to be used to attain this however the cost is high. Although, the metal roller bender has been currently made when by the 'make it severe' team, the specific building was not budget-friendly by anyone as more specific devices were required to be made than the ones that can be discovered in any home. Therefore, this our 56th building and construction is more user-friendly to everyone, is relatively budget-friendly, is very useful and it will fill with feelings of happiness and complete satisfaction the people who want to invest their time proficiently.

Action 1: Home Girder
To begin with, we utilized a piece of home girder with overall length 144cm, 18cm width and 9cm height. Then, we sufficed in 4 pieces, 3 pieces of 28cm and another one of 60cm. We made the basis of our machine by putting the long piece on the basis and then we bonded among the pieces of 28cm vertically, on it. On the last piece, we connected another one piece of 28cm horizontally. In this way, we completed the basis of our device.

Step 2: Regarding Piece
Regarding the staying piece, we linked it with a hinge of 20mm thickness and 18cm length on the horizontal, stable piece of 28cm. In this way, we created the portable piece of the metal bender that manages the disposition that we wish to have on the bending pieces. On the two pieces of 28cm both the portable one and the immoveable one, we positioned 4( Y) bearing of 20mm, 2 in each piece. While between the 2 pieces, we placed a bearing with a flange of 25mm. The height of these bearings is managed with some holes that we produced at the sides of the metal bender in order to manage the height of the central axis according to the density of the product that we wish to bend and they have the potential to modify positions according to the height of these bended products. In this method, placing 3 metal axis, 2 of 20mm density and one of 25mm density, we created the rollers, on which the irons roll during the flexing. The disposition on the moveable piece is made with a bottle jack that it can raise to 2 tonnes. Additionally, putting a screw at the central point of the axis, we can put the drill to revolve the axis and bend metals along with revolve utilizing also the hand supported by a wheel that lies on the exact same point.

Action 3: Done
One information that increases the potentials of the particular building is that all the required modifications have actually been made so that the axes from the one side can be applied in order to make some space to put the rollers for bending tubes or circular iron materials. Also, another vital detail that increases the functionality of our maker is the policy through the holes, with which we can move the bearings of 20mm far from the center or vice versa. This is really crucial as while bending thick metals, the bearings reduce the power when they are away from the center while for the development of narrower flexing, the bearings are positioned as closer to the center as possible.

Step 4: Video
Lastly, the specific idea and its initial form turned up 5 years back and we must say that we are completely pleased with its efficiency. To summarize, this time we chose to make this building to give to our viewers the chance to also, try to make their own metal bender at their own home through electrical welding, using an angle grinder and a drill. Our last piece of advice is to be client while making it as even this construction is easy, it likewise requires a lot of patience and accuracy!


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