How To Make  Hydraulic VISE DIY ?
It's a sad day when among the simplest and normally most trusted tools in the shop-- the bench vise-- provides up the ghost. With just a set of sturdy castings and a heavy Acme screw, there's really little to fail with a vise, however when it happens, why not take it as an opportunity to make your own? And, why not eschew the screw and go hydraulic rather? That's the path [Darek][Darek] created a clever return mechanism: a set of gas springs from a car trunk. With a set of hardened steel jaws, some modifications to the power cylinder to enable foot operation, and a sleek paint job, the vise was ready for service. Have a look at the build in the video below; we're impressed with the power the vise has, and hands-free operation is an unanticipated bonus. Yes, many people purchase vises, but from the small to the large, it's nice to see them constructed from scratch too.

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